Hello Palo Alto!

With our new office space in Palo Alto, comes the birth of our engineering blog! This is week 2 on Cal Ave, and we’ve been settling into our new environment just fine.

We’ve got a great open space where we can collaborate between desks and pods. It’s always bustling here with keyboards clicking and great discussions.

Our pods are set, our monitors up and running.  Everyone is hard at work.

Nice thing about working off laptops is it’s easy to find a seat in our bar area overlooking the courtyard to enjoy some natural light and more foot traffic…

…or a comfy spot on one of our couches.

There are many conference rooms if you ever need to duck away from the activity in the open space and take a call, hold a meeting or just focus.

Need a break? Have no fear we’ve got ripstiks lying around to ride in our spacious parking lot!

There are also some awesome contemporary breakout places to be an oasis in the midst of the sea of pods!

A high traffic location is our lovely kitchen with microwaves galore.

The lunch area serves not only as a great place to enjoy a meal but also a good place to hold a casual meeting.

All in all, we’re working hard and loving our new space!

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