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Security at TrialPay

Our CTO, Eddie Lim, recently gave a tech talk to the Stanford ACM club about security. BTW, if you have the opportunity, you should definitely come speak at one of their sessions — we were really impressed by the depth … Continue reading

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TrialPay’s world of monitors — the tech inside

When TrialPay moved into its new office in June 2012, we wanted to provide digital signage throughout the office for employees and visitors to see ever-changing information about our office and business. We’ve built a number of internal graphs and … Continue reading

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Leveraging Google Apps email to set up two-factor authentication for VPN

Two-factor authentication/2FA has become a necessary first step in keeping our network secure. As somone who VPNs a few times daily, using traditional 2FA solutions with hardware tokens or phone tokens like Google Authenticator would have been a major hassle. … Continue reading

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